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Links to Selected King James Bible Websites and Pages of Interest

A selected aggregation of King James Bible websites, Pages of Interest and some reciprocal links. We may not agree with everything on them, and they may not agree with everything on our pages, but we all do agree on one thing:
The infallibility of The King James Bible

KJV Bible-Study Tools:

Bible Study Tools and Bible Version Information

On-Line King James Bible With Strongs Dictionary


Examples where some other English 'Bibles' Deviate from the KJV text:

THE NEW EYE-OPENER (Other Bible Versions - 200 changes examined)

Quick Comparison of KJV Bible to NIV version

'New' King James Version Comparison Chart
(Showing how the NKJV's text deviates from the KJV's preserved text)

Facts about Bible Manuscripts


King James Bible Believer's Websites:

King James Bible Believers - Scotland


King James Video Ministries


King James Bible Discussion Forums

King James Bible Forum

KJV-1611 Authorized Version Topsites


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