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Featured Research Links

Featured Research Links

We receive numerous e-mails from visitors challenging the validity of many Scientific and Theological issues related to the Bible and Old Earth Creationism. This featured list of links are to selected websites that contain some excellent materials that address many of these issues. These links are for visitor reference and research only and do not constitute an endorsement of all content on these sites by the The Bible, Genesis & Geology Ministry. If you know of any other Internet published papers that should be included here, please send us an e-mail and let us know.

Gap Theory Alliance - The "Gap Theory Alliance" represents a growing number of independent "old-earth" or "gap theory" websites operated by Christian individuals who have become disillusioned with the unscientific assertions of popular "young-earth" creationism that have brought the Bible and Christianity into disrepute.

The book, "In the Beginnings" by Steven E. Dill, D.V.M takes an in-depth look at both science and the Bible from the viewpoint of a trained Biologist. Its purpose is to show how the Gap Theory better fits the scientific and biblical facts as compared to Young Earth or Day-Age creation theories.

Dispensational Truth" the book by Clarence Larkin can now be read online.

The Gap Theory Page

Is There Really Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth?

The Satanic Rebellion: Background to the Tribulation

Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective

Perspectives on Science and Scripture - The Doorway Papers of Arthur Custance

Genesis Gap Doctrine Facebook Discussion Groups:

The Genesis Gap Doctrine (This website's Facebook group page)

The Gap Factor

The Genesis Gap

Here is an informative eight-part series of papers on the Gap Theory by Tom McElmurry:

A Brief History of the Gap Theory of Creation - Paper 148A

The Gap Theory of God's Creation of the Earth - Paper 148B

The Gap Theory and Associated Fall of Satan from Heaven - Paper 148C

Satan's Sin as it Relates to the Gap Theory - Paper 148D

The Creation Gap Theory and Satan's Ability to Create Life - Paper 148E

Gap Theory Phases of the Earth - Paper 148F

The Gap Theory Flood and the Age of the Earth - Paper 148G

Gap Theory Continental Breakup ?When? - Paper 148H

Index Page: Genesis Gap Doctrine

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