The Second Edition of this Book is Now Available!

The first edition of The Bible, Genesis and Geology was published in black and white on May 23, 2010, and the first e-book edition was released shortly thereafter.

In three short years, many additional Scriptural and scientific observations concerning the doctrine of the Genesis gap have come to light. And much has changed with respect to traditional books and publishing.

This Second Edition reflects the growing knowledge base for Ruin-Reconstruction interpretation (Gap Theory) doctrine and also provides an enhanced reading experience in both print and e-book. It includes color graphics and illustrations, many of which are new. I have also added numbered source reference notations throughout the print edition and a complete table of these sources is listed following the last chapter. Direct links to the reference materials on the Internet are available in the Kindle edition. In response to suggestions from readers of the first print edition, I have included an Index of key words in the back of the new print edition.

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If you do not have a Kindle, or cannot afford a copy of the paperback, you may download a FREE PDF copy of the book here: The Bible, Genesis & Geology. Right-click your mouse and select "Save Link" to download to your computer. File size 14.5 MBs.

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